Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17th 2011 - Heinrich Kaufmann's Fall from Grace

I know it's been weeks since I've updated this blog. No followers yet either. Can't say I'm entirely surprised. This may not be the most interesting thing to some people.

Anyway, now with finals over I can finally focus my attention on this project of mine.

After doing a google search for Heinrich Kaufmann and finding no results relevant to what I'm looking for, I decided to do a google image search instead. Nothing remarkable came up for dozens of pages. I was growing bored when around page 100 or so I found a newspaper article. There was no date on it and I couldn't see what newspaper it was from, but it was written in English. It mentions both "Heinrich Kaufmann Jr." and "Egypt". I'm sure this must be him.  This also seems to back up my theory that he was the son of the Heinrich Kaufmann I found the German wikipedia page on.

Apparently he was disgraced for supposedly forging his discovery of the ancient tablet. He fled to New York after he was ousted from his job. The words are very faded and hard to read, but certain letters, like those of the caption, are very clear. It also shows a picture of Professor Kaufmann, who I hadn't seen before so I'm quite unsure whether this is the man or not. This still doesn't tell me what actually happened on the expedition.

Seems to be pointing in the right direction though. I'm going to keep up my research and post anything interesting.

- Daniel

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