Friday, September 7, 2012

September 6th 2012 – Daniel Shipman, PI for hire

So apparently I am now everyone’s go to person for their everyday puzzle solving and paranormal needs. I should really start charging for my services or something.  I am getting ahead of myself however, let me back up a bit and explain.

I got back from my shortened trip to Florida on the 3rd and figured I would take the remaining time off to go up and stay with my friend at his summer house in New Hampshire for a few days just to clear my head and try to gain back a sense of stability. I should’ve known better than to have such hopes. Soon after I arrived in New Hampshire I got a message from the same Ryan person from before that had contacted me about the Rainwood Day Camp.

Apparently he took it upon himself to go and do an investigation of his own of the old day camp and had found something there.  Now I was not entirely sure what this had to do with me besides the fact that I had done some research on it, but apparently he needed my help with figuring out something that had to do with what he had found there.

Now… this was right after the crazy ass week I had just had and, the last thing I wanted to do was delve right back into this, or more importantly, involve anyone else in this mess. However I did give him a call, and although I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, he seemed very adamant that I was going to be able to help him, and that it was a matter of great importance.  I eventually agreed to have a meeting with him at my friend’s summer home.

These were the events that followed:

I really hope I did the right thing here guys,

- Daniel.

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