Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd 2011 - Holiday Update

Just recently I spoke with Chris and I arranged for a meeting with an employee of the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School tonight at 7:30pm EST. The school, apparently, is the next business to be opened by the Rainwood family after the Day Camp had been closed. Seeing as there is a strong perceived connection between the Tall Man and the Rainwood Day Camp, I suggested he check it out. Chris was very thankful for the opportunity, but in all honesty it wasn't hard for me to do. I'm hoping they find out some more information because I find investigating this case a really fascinating, if not completely bizarre, hobby of mine.

- Daniel


This is the outcome of that visit:


  1. So much poop it was unsanitary. How embarrassing.

  2. Hey kaufmann means merchant in english and the english variant is coffman. Just a little hint to help if you're still doing this stuff. Cheers.