Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4th 2012 - Road Trip

Hey guys, this is Daniel again. Despite my severe lack of posts on this blog, I assure you I’ve not forgotten about it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make any new posts as I’ve been keeping really busy lately with school and work, although I have been enjoying my spring break. I’ve been keeping in contact with the guys from Dark Harvest in New Jersey, especially Alex. Chris hasn’t really been communicating with me much and oftentimes avoids my e-mails and especially my messages on Skype. Alex was hesitant but eventually told me the reason why.

Regardless, I’ve been trying to help them out as much as I can by doing more research on the Atlantic Test Site and this Marc McComber guy. As far as Marc McComber goes, the story that was told to them by Heather McComber seems to check out okay, except for some minor points that seems a bit confusing. There was an M. McComber that was admitted to Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in 2001. This is extremely strange, as this hospital had a bad reputation for a high rate of suicide and abuses by the staff. The complex itself was already mandated by the State to be shut down in 2003 when Mr. McComber was admitted (which was also strange, as I’m almost positive by this time the hospital was not admitting any new patients). His record is very short and it ends a few months after his admission. His records claim he was transferred out of that hospital and to another one. I’m not sure if this was just to cover up the fact that the hospital lost one of their patients or the fact that he really was transferred to another hospital, perhaps without Heather or her family realizing it. Although, the latter choice seems to honestly be less likely in my opinion.

The Atlantic Test Site is a much harder case to crack. Any and all information I find about it states it was a site used by NASA to monitor the Sputnik Satellite during the Cold War, and after the war it was converted into a state park. Not much more information can be found than that, which is a direct contradiction to the information found in the documents Chris obtained from Heather, stating that it was a top secret military facility.

Now this week I’m going to be heading down to Florida to visit some friends who live there and I’m driving. I live in Providence, RI, so it is a bit of a drive. I contacted Alex and said I would be passing through New Jersey and I might as well stop by and meet him and Chris. I have some information I’d like to give them personally. Alex gave me an address; he said it wasn’t his own home but will most likely be there when I come to Jersey. I was a bit confused by this but agreed to meet him there. I hope they take heed of what I’m going to tell them. 

- Daniel

This is a recording of when I arrived at Jeff's house and my conversation with the DH guys.

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