Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th 2012 - Going to the Source

Hello again, everyone. Although I don't update this blog often, rest assured I am still around.  As far as research goes, I haven't been able to find anything of significance that I didn't already know. I also haven’t been in touch with Chris or Alex that much recently, but I am still looking for any new information that could possibly aid them in any way.

The only thing that has happened since my visit that I can make a note of was that recently someone by the name of Ryan Coleman contacted me about this blog and the Rainwood Day Camp.  I was a bit hesitant at first, but seeing as he only wanted the basic info about the place and some history, I was happy to oblige him with what I had found out and a little about the incident. 

Given my current resources there really isn’t much more that I can do to find out any new information, as I have exhausted all leads I could find via internet research.  The only way to really find anything that could be of use to Chris and Alex at this point would be to go to the source - which incidentally is what I plan on doing next.  I got some time off from work and I am going back down to Florida to visit my friends again. Since New Jersey is on my way down from Providence to Florida, I am going to take this opportunity to take a day or two to explore the Atlantic Test Site for myself.  It will be the perfect chance to perhaps find something that may have been overlooked, and maybe lead to some more insight about everything that is going on. I will be staying the night in order to give myself enough time to investigate the Test Site for myself. I’ll post my findings, if any, as soon as I can.

On the bright side, it seems like I will at least be able to have a travel buddy down to Florida.  It seems that a friend of mine, Noah, is going to be up in the area visiting his family in New York, and has agreed to travel back down with me.  This is good for the both of us, I am sure we could both use the company. New Jersey to Florida is a long, boring as hell drive. I'll see you all later, and thanks to everyone for your patience (I never update this damn thing). 

- Daniel

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