Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013 - 9 Months

Hello everyone. I know it has been quite a while, but here is the update as promised.

Although I did record a video update as well, which can be found here:

I will be talking to a number of the points within the video here in more detail.

To start off I think I'll speak more about the Brandt-Crater Cemetery incident; for all I know, the Order could very well have found what ever it was that Lawrence had hid there on their own without the use of the map. It has been nine months after all. Even though I am sure there is only so much legal influence that they have, that amount of time is enough to find some way to thoroughly and systematically check that location. With that being said, there is nothing I can do about it without it being detrimental to myself and anyone I associate myself with due to the threat of The Order.

In terms of what happened to Lawrence Rainwood (aka "A Lord In Woe"), or the identity of Jacob Rainwood and his suspicious lack or records, I really cant say anything with absolute certainty.  However, I can theorize that Lawrence knew some trouble was headed his way, and for whatever reason, the lack of records with regards to his alleged "son" Jacob is somehow connected to this. It would make sense that his son would want to protect the memory of his father, but given the scenario and how Jacob was so determined to find what ever it was that Lawrence had hidden, I am lead to believe he didn't want people to know something about either his own or his father's past.

As I mentioned in the video, I do not believe that Jacob Rainwood was expecting an outside source to prod so much at the doings of his own Order.  He probably had things safely under control within the Order until outsiders started to shake up things. This is why I believe KindVonDerRitter knew how to push me in the right direction in order to potentially find this secret. If nothing else, I am sure I caused a few questions to be asked within The Order and stirred things up a bit with the higher ups even if I did not achieve my goal.

This leads me to KindVonDerRitter himself. He seems to want to help, but has also been a threat. This by itself begs a lot of questions, but when you throw in the fact that he is most likely Marc McComber and the Order's Oracle, it makes me even more confused. Like for instance, if the Oracle is the one that is predicting all of these events happening, and is in the Order itself, wouldn't it be pretty obvious that he was working against The Order's actions?  It's clear that he betrayed them at some point and is working to try to amend his actions (or so it seems), but then why would The Order continue to pretend as if he was still working with them like before?  One thing I am certain about is that with everything we have witnessed since all this started there are things that we cannot explain. Some things that KVDR is capable of seem truly supernatural, and the same laws that apply to us in this world may not necessarily apply to him.

Theories and conspiracies aside, this leads me to what my life has evolved into in the past nine months since the Brandt-Crater incident. As I mentioned, on top of having to quit my job, my life now consists of me moving from place to place and always watching my back. However, my limited budget could only carry me so far. It was impossible to cover the cost of living on the road. In order to sustain myself I turned to the one thing I have always excelled at doing - finding information. However, in my current state, I am certainly not going to put my self at risk in order to find every bit of information for a particular job or client. Instead I formulated an idea to have a network within a network and establishing a sort of business. I began sifting through a number of contacts, each with their own specific networks, that I had come to know personally or via a mutual acquaintance. After thorough checking I determined who I would be able to trust.  From there, potential clients would go through me; I would give them a quote for the job based on its difficulty and risk level. I would then delineate work to the specific contact that would be able to easily obtain the information required, whatever it may be. They would then relay this information back to the client and complete the transaction.

Work was slow to start, but as time went by, we established ourselves more. My business eventually transformed from a small information network into a full-fledged information brokering firm. We handle the acquisition and selling of information. Even though I am still taking many steps to assure my safety from day to day, this method has allowed me to have a buffer between me and not only the clients, but potential lingering danger from The Order. I am able to call all the shots, and control everything from a secondary standpoint.

Of course, now that clients are more frequent, I have to be selective of what work I take. Some things are just not worth the risk for what a client is proposing to pay. On the other hand, I don't need to needlessly load my primary contacts with too much work; some of them still have their own working lives that they have to attend to.

Well, now at least you know what I've been up to recently, I'll try to update more frequently. Or at least more frequently than every nine months at least.

- Daniel


  1. Wearing a shirt saying "Trouble Will Find Me" obviously means that things aren't going to go well...

  2. After watching these videos and seeing the affect this adventure has had on all of you, it poses particularly troubling questions. On one hand, The Order is very dangerous and influential. They could very well kill anyone you love, or even just yourself. Therefore, avoiding hitting the bees' nest seems like the best idea. On the other hand, however, The Order does not seem to think you're just a bunch of pests. They have it in their heads that Chris, Alex, you, etc are serious threats and some kind of arch-enemy. With this in mind, it seems to warrant action and aggression, determination and curiosity rather than fear. The Order will not simply leave you all alone now that you've stopped snooping and have been scared out of their business. They still believe you to be dangerous, therefore would complying with their death threats and warnings be futile? At this point, staying away would do no good, you've all ready caught their attention. It's like messing with an angry dog: now that he has your scent, running home would be useless. Obviously none of us can know what you've been going through, nor understand, but it seems to me, logically speaking, that you're all past the point of no return. Better to face The Order than to run and just die.

  3. I don't think people were suggesting you get guns and actively go seeking Order members to shoot; they're simply suggesting you get guns to protect yourselves with if ambushed or otherwise attacked.

    1. 1. The above comment suggests otherwise
      2. You assume I even know how to use a gun in the first place, which I do, but someone without proper training of a gun can do more harm to him/herself than protect.
      3. Again, where is this arsenal of weaponry you assume that I have? This isn't Borderlands.
      4. Not trying to be an ass, but I wouldn't have brought it up if it wasn't something I always have mentioned to me from some random person.

  4. Stay safe man. As you most definately know things are starting to get much more weird.

  5. Are you like Bobby Singer except you work for money?